SGI Costa Cálida is located in the southeast of Spain, between the tradition and history of the Region of Murcia and the best coasts of Andalusia surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea.

Our houses are spaces characterized by their location in a privileged area with warm weather and merged with the landscape.

Our experience in the coastal area allows us to advise our customers in every detail.

Our promotion of houses offers you a route through the most coastal natural tourist landscapes of the country. It consists of crystal- clear coves, natural landscapes and bordering areas between the most important beaches of Costa Cálida, the amazing Mediterranean coast of the Region of Murcia.

The coastal area of ​​Murcia and Almeria comprises a huge number of unspoilt landscapes, creating a unique opportunity to admire kilometres of fine sand and clear waters.

The tradition and historical heritage of our city will allow you to find out centuries of cultural interest with events. An example is the Holy Week of Lorca, declared of International Tourist Interest since 2007, that will make you ‘live a different passion’.

Our houses are built with personalized building materials and an avant-garde design. Our objective is to meet the needs of each customer to provide not only a home, but an exclusive place to enjoy leisure, culture and the most famous restaurants.


Thanks to different architectural references, you can discover iconic symbols as the Castle of Lorca, a fortress that enables you to experience the chronicles and battles of the past and the artistic heritage of one of the most baroque cities at national level. If you also prefer to visit the coast of Almeria, our buildings in cities like Mojácar will allow you to enjoy the medieval architecture and the Arab historical heritage of Andalusia.